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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ordering process?

While ordering with us, the first step is to analyse the body posture and inquire what is the intent of your suit (for work, leisure or high profile events). Then the models, cuts and fabrics are suggested in correlation. The second step is designing, where we reccommend the inner lingings, pocket styles and other details as per our expertise. The last step is to take photographs of the body posture (front, side and back) which is then scanned on a graphing program along with measurements for a more percise fitting, following which the production begins. 

How does dannys shop compare to a regular walk-in store?

Here at Danny’s Shop we strive to give you a perfect fitting so you may look your best. Compared to buying off the rack where clothing is created to fit a domestic percentile (Large, Medium or Small), at Danny’s Shop we personally take your measurements and design your clothes only to fit you. We believe in free will and do not pressurize anyone to buy.

How often do I need to be measured?

Upon our first meeting while ordering we will take your complete skin measurements along with photographs which are scanned on our graphing system and the clothes are designed accordingly. These measurements will be in our records for a maximum of five years.

Do prices change depending on my size?

We do not charge extra until the variation in the sizes are huge.

Is it possible to make a copy of my favorite suit or shirt?

It is indeed possible to make an exact copy of your favorite suit or shirt if the sample is provided, however fabric should also be of the same weight and fibers. It is also possible to incorporate minor changes if needed.

Is it possible to make my clothes extra stylish?

YES! At Danny’s Shop this is our favorite part of the process as it gives us a chance to show our skills and experise. We are able to craft funky suits and stylish shirts. Just choose the base fabric of your clothing and leave the styling on us.  

What type of fabrics do you offer?

Our fabrics are very selectively chosen. Majority of them are wrinkle free fabrics and are crafted in either England, Italy, India, Indonesia and Thailand. We offer fabrics such as Cashmere, Mohair, Chinese silk and micro fiber.

How long will it take for me to receive my clothing?

If you personally visit our store (Bangkok, Thailand) clothes can be made in 24-48 hours.
For online orders, clothes for existing customer's can be made in two weeks whereas for new clients it takes approximately three to four weeks as the body posture needs to be scanned on our graphing system and clothes designed accordingly. Additionally it takes 7-9 working days for the courier company to deliver the package.  
We are also able to do express deliveries for weddings, birthdays and other important events. 

What is the cost and how will I recieve my products?

While ordering online our prices include shipping and delivery. 
All our products are compressed packed and sent by DHL, TNT or FedEX. Deliveries are completed after custom clearance. 
Please steam press your clothes before use. 
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