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About Us

Danny Sajnani

Danny Sajnani

In 1990 the Danish Fashion House in Copenhagen awarded Danny Sajnani his diploma in design. He then began to build bridges of mutual understanding and cooperation between Thailand, India and Denmark. He produced staff uniforms for various firms such as Larsen Rajser, Scandic Hotels and Dancall. Ultimately leading him to pursue a career in custom tailoring and design for men's formal clothing. Today Danny’s Shop works with clients across the world and provides a more personal hands on experience for your wardrobe.


Danny’s Shop aims to please all its customers: to achieve this, the company only produces clothes from the finest fabrics (cashmere, mohair and microfibers). Measurements are personally taken by Danny himself, along with photographs of the body posture to be scanned into a graphing program for a more precise fitting. This data is stored for a maximum of five years in order to speed up the manufacturing process for future orders.


In addition to this Danny gives his expert advice regarding the selection of fabrics, style of clothing in correlation to body posture to achieve a perfect fit for every individual.


We offer fine tailoring, various styles and all season comfort fabrics in the finest materials that will withstand the test of time.To add on to the outfit we also offer accessories including ties, cufflinks, belts and shoes.      

How We Work


Suit Fitting


Tailoring Equiptment


Clothes Stitching Table

When ordering with us, the first step is to analyse the body posture and inquire what is the intent of your suit (for work, leisure or high profile events). Then the models, cuts and fabrics are suggested in correlation.


The second step is designing, where we reccommend the inner lingings, pocket styles and other details as per our expertise and your desires. 

The last step is to take photographs of the body posture (front, side and back) which is then scanned on a graphing program along with measurements for a more percise fitting, following which the production begins. 

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